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How to get regular cash flow rental property?

by Property Invest Blog 13.04.2020

What is hotel property investment?

by Property Invest Blog 21.03.2020

Comparative Market Analysis for Real Estate Investors

by Property Invest Blog 24.10.2019

Whether you’re in the market to buy or sell real estate, the real estate value will probably be your first concern.

Traditions of Ramadan “Sugar” Feast in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 03.06.2019

Ramadan Feast (Sugar Feast) is an official holiday that lasts for three days in Turkey. Celebrating the Ramadan Feast after a month of fasting is one of the most basic and most important traditions of Islam. The Arabic name of this religious holiday is” Eid ul-Fitr”.” Eid” means feast and “Fitr” means “breaking the fast” It refers to the festivity of the end of the thirty days of fasting in Ramadan.

Top 8 Cities For Buying Property For Foreigners In Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 01.06.2019

The number of foreignersmaking property investment in Turkey has multiplied in recent years.

Pamukkale Enjoy The Exceptional View

by Property Invest Blog 30.05.2019

Pamukkale which literally mean (Cotton Castle) is Located in “Denizli” and known as the "white paradise". It is one of the most splendid wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a new destination for investment in Turkey and among the most popular tourist attractions, with over two million visitors annually.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Buy An Apartment In Istanbul?

by Property Invest Blog 29.05.2019

Would you like to live in a city that offers a unique combination of history and modernity? so, apartments for sale in Istanbul with sea view or mountainside are the best.

The Best Places To Buy Property In Istanbul are...

by Property Invest Blog 09.04.2019

As you know Istanbul is a transcontinental city that is located on Asian and Europen Continents.. Both sides have ancient sites and new development areas as well.

Geographical Regions of Turkey and Their Features

by Property Invest Blog 02.02.2019

Turkey is a Eurasian country that occupies a unique geographic place. Asian Turkey, which includes 97% of the country, European Turkey comprises 3% of the country.

Why Prefer Us? The Property Invest

by Property Invest Blog 08.04.2019

When customers contact us to buy properties in Turkey we give them a list of properties that meet their budgets and requirements.