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What is a Good Real Estate Investment in Turkey?

by Property Invest Blog 26.10.2020

The Construction and Real Estate market are the most important sectors that keep the Turkish economy up and running.

Guaranteed rental income

by Property Invest 21.09.2020

Inheritance in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 10.08.2020

Chinese Companies Buying Turkish Real Estate

by Property Invest Blog 04.08.2020

Compare Cash with Financing when buying

by Property Invest 24.05.2020

Turkish economy grows by 1.6 percent in Q3

by Property Invest News 09.04.2019

Turkey’s economy grew by 1.6 percent in the third quarter of 2018 compared with the same period of last year, the country’s statistical authority announced on Dec. 10.

Economic confidence in Turkey rises 9 pct in November

by Property Invest News 09.04.2019

Confidence in Turkey's economy surged 9.1 percent in November, the nation's statistical authority announced on Nov. 29.

Turkey ‘making great efforts’ to connect Europe to Asia

by Property Invest News 06.04.2019

With its mega projects, Turkey has been making great efforts to connect Asia to Europe through the Lapis Lazuli transport corridor, the Turkish transport and infrastructure minister said on Nov. 28.

An Overview Of Foreign Banks In Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 09.04.2019

Turkey, as a developing country, is one of the major countries with an increasing amount of foreign capital entry. American, European, and Gulf banks have been interested in the Turkish banking sector for more than twenty years, establishing their own branches or acquiring Turkish banks. Today, more than twenty banks with foreign capital operate in Turkey.

Giant refinery opens in Turkey’s İzmir for $6.3 billion investment

by Property Invest Blog 08.04.2019

The first new oil refinery to be built in Turkey in 30 years has opened in the Aegean city of İzmir by...