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Citizenship by Real Estate Purchase in Turkey

by Property Invest Blog 07.12.2020

How we manage the finalization process

by Property Invest Blog 09.11.2020

Buy and Sell in Turkey Like a Local

by Property Invest 12.10.2020

Reasons to Invest in Turkish Real Estate

by Property Invest 14.09.2020

Turkish passport and the advantages provided to the holder

by Property Invest Blog 11.10.2019

The advantage of the Turkish passport is one of the most important questions that real estate investors are keen to know, in order to know the advantages granted to them by the Turkish state, when Turkish citizenship can be obtained free of charge for those who made a real estate investment worth 250K $.

A Brief History of the Evil Eye

by Property Invest Blog 16.07.2019

Occasionally anyone can receive a malicious look, but most of the time we won’t take it seriously and forget about it. Though, in many places across the world the belief in “the evil eye” is taken seriously and requires action to avoid harm.