Types of Properties in Turkey

Turkey is an interesting combination of East and West and its architecture is witness to that.

You can find from modern, European style villas to intricately detailed Ottoman townhouses. You will notice as you travel across Turkey that there are characteristic styles of architecture between different regions. On the Black Sea coast, many houses are built of wood. In Central Anatolia, you will find houses made of sun-dried brick. Head west and south and you will find stone construction. If you are looking for property for sale in Turkey, you should know the types of Turkish properties.




Ottoman Townhouses

Traditional Ottoman Turkish houses are generally two or three floors, with stone and wood constructions. The richer their original residents, the more intricate they will be, Especially in Istanbul. The upper windows are generally overhanging, with bars and grills. These are where the women of the house would be able to observe the street without anyone seeing them.



Yalı is a seaside house, normally also dating back to the Ottoman period. They’re among the most exclusive types of Turkish houses and prices run high. They’re often extremely spacious, surrounded by gardens and with detailing woodwork. Normally, the central hall of the house having a domed roof and there is a row of bay windows. This help fills the house with cooling breezes from off the sea, many of them were originally built as summer residences.


Wooden Houses

These wooden houses are especially common in the Black Sea region. The traditional style would be a simple, separate home of two floors. Today, you can find plenty of more modern styles, with large windows and lots of light.


Seaside Villas

You can see that along the Mediterranean and Aegean shoreline. The design is pretty international like where in Greece or Italy. Stone buildings dominate, with open-air spaces like balconies to enjoy the weather and views. you can easily find ones with swimming pools and private gardens. This type of houses usually is triplexes.



The most common of all types of Turkish houses in cities, apartments are great if you want to invest in Istanbul real estate market. You can find a variety of styles, from grand early 20th century structures through to smaller, modern ones with large balcony spaces.


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