Turkish Coffee Culture and Traditions

Turkish coffee culture and tradition back to the 16th century when coffee started to be served at coffeehouses in Istanbul.

Turkish coffee has special preparation and techniques. It is one of the oldest coffee making ways still in use. The traditional techniques used in preparing coffee with special tools and silverware such as the coffee pot, coffee cup which have artistic designs. Although making Turkish coffee now quite easy due to automatic machines, but the taste is truly different when it is made in pots on a coal fire.


Finding Of Turkish Coffee

The Turkish coffee was discovered in the” Kaffa” district of southern Ethiopia in the early 14th century, then has spread from southern Ethiopia to the whole world. “Özdemir Pasha”, who worked as governor in Yemen in 1517, tasted this coffee and brought it to Istanbul.

The first coffee shop opened in “Tahtakale” and spread to all over Istanbul in a short time. Later, many coffee shops were opened in Istanbul and coffee was celebrated with pleasant moments such as reading books, playing chess and conversations.  European were introduced to coffee through Turks.


Turkish Coffee In Turkish Culture

The place of coffee in Turkish culture is quite different. Even the word "breakfast" means something has eaten before coffee. Turkish Coffee is not only a beverage, but it’s also a symbol of hospitality, friendship, delicacy, and entertainment. All these are reflected in the famous Turkish proverb “the memory of a cup of coffee lasts for forty years.” This saying shows how coffee is important in Turkish culture.


Turkish People Used To See The Future Through The Cup Of Turkish Coffee!

Fortune telling is a tradition specific to Turks. After finishing your cup of coffee you may find some Turkish asking you to turn your cup down then starting to see your future. This tradition attracting the attention of the whole world.


Why Is Coffee Serving With Water?

According to the fantasy, if the guest drinks the coffee first it means he is full and if he drinks the water first it means he is hungry. However, the real reason is to rinse off the flavor of a meal you have recently eaten to fully taste the flavor of the coffee. according to popular belief, the water which is served with coffee should be drunk first not later.


Turkish Coffee Is Usually Served With Turkish Delight

According to the superstition, people used to serve their guest Turkish delight with Turkish coffee as a way of asking for their gratification. If the guest eats the Turkish delight after drinking the coffee, it meant that he was pleased with the way he was hosted. And if he doesn’t it meant that the host is not satisfied with the way he hosted.

Also, there are so many benefits of Turkish coffee to our health. It also an effect on increasing attention and clearing the mind. It is also known that is good for headaches and bone pain.


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