Enjoy Spring with Istanbul Festivals

From foodies to martial arts enthusiasts, Istanbulites can celebrate the approaching of spring with lots of festivals.

In the following weeks, Istanbul will welcome various wonderful, fun and lifestyle festivals. All these fun activities will make you feel the urge to go there and try new things.


April comes and Istanbul’s famous Tulip Festival also comes with a variety of glorious floral decorations, workshops, competitions and tons of activities for all ages that take place daily at Emirgan Park,  Göztepe 60th Year Park and Sultanahmet Square for a complete month.


The popular cooking show channel 24 Kitchen will be hosting their first-ever international food festival, "Dünya Lezzetler Festivali," which will take place at Feriye Palace in Ortaköy. In a spectacular setting in an imperial Ottoman Palace along the Bosphorus, this festival will have areas designated for different global culinary traditions. Visitors will have the chance to try extraordinary and delicious foods from all over the world prepared by some of the city's most prestigious restaurants.

The festival will also be embellished with different culinary television personalities.well-known chefs from Turkey and foreign countries will be giving speeches and holding workshops throughout the day. The festival will then close with a DJ and live music performance leading into the night. TURKEY'S BIGGEST HEMA EVENT: HEMATOLIA

Turkey's first-ever international historical European martial arts event, aka HEMA, entitled "Hematolia," will be taking place over the weekend of April 13-14 at the Istanbul Association of Historical Martial Arts (Istanbul Tarihi Savaş Sanatları Birliği) at Kadıköy Anatolian School in Moda. There will be mixed gender tournaments held in five different categories. The "Steel Triathlon" category will pit the top contenders in a sudden death competition and "Synthetic Mixed Weapons" is geared for the less experienced to have an opportunity to compete under HEMA rules.

On Sunday, there will be workshops on fencing and saber techniques with masters such as; George Zacharopoulos, Jirzy Miklaszewski, Miroslav Lesichkov, Tom Outwin and Ton Puey. For more information: https://itssb.org/en/hematolia-2019/registration/.


Istanbul's first festival devoted to cheese will be taking place at the Istanbul Congress Center in Harbiye from April 18 to April 21. The Istanbul Cheese Festival (Istanbul Peynir Festival in Turkish), will be a wonderful opportunity to discover Turkey's vast wealth of regional cheeses from local producers. There will also be cheese making workshops, seminars, tastings and entertainment for the kids, such as shadow plays.


101 Tastes of Istanbul is on stage for 7th time. The event will take place on April 28 at the Esma Sultan Yalısı in Ortaköy. The lifestyle media outlet Time Out organization, the 101 Tastes of Istanbul festival will offer participants the opportunity to try the best of the city's cuisine by leading restaurants in a spectacular historical mansion overlooking the Bosporus Strait. For Istanbul residents and foodies, this is definitely a not to be missed event. The most trendy restaurants will be represented, workshops, live music and an after party. Entrance is only for those aged 18 and over.


Didim Vegfest will be taking place for 3rd time from April 20 to April 23. It is known to be the biggest festival ever to be held in Turkey devoted to the vegan lifestyle. Tens of thousands are expected to show up for this spectacular festival. The event’s place is also very authentic: the 2,500-year-old Temple of Apollo in Didim. The festival includes stands of vegan foods and products as well as seminars and workshops on veganism and a variety of holistic practices.

This year during the festival there will also be an attempt to break a Guinness World Record for having the most crowded breathing exercise, which will take place on April 22 at 7 p.m. At the historical Temple of Apollo.


The fourth annual International tai chi chuan and Qigong pageant can occur from Gregorian calendar month eighteen to Gregorian calendar month twenty one at the Hegsagone Marine building in Darıca, İzmit. Organized by Interna, Turkey's tai chi chuan and Qigong platform, this event is that the 1st and solely of its kind in Turkey and group action doesn't need previous expertise with the practices and offers the chance for participants to require lessons, participate in workshops, seminars and question and answer sessions, which can be happening from morning to nighttime throughout the four days. There'll even be variety of ancient cultural practices happening, like Far East hand categories and tea ceremonies.

The fourth annual International Tai Chi and Qigong Festival will take place from April 18 to April 21 at the Hegsagone Marine Hotel in Darıca, İzmit. Turkey's Tai Chi and Qigong platform is organizing the event. This event is the first and only of its kind in Turkey. There will be several opportunities for participants to take lessons, participate in workshops, seminars and question and answer sessions. There will also be a number of traditional cultural practices taking place, such as Far East calligraphy classes and tea ceremonies.

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