First entrepreneur with Down Syndrome: A pacemaker

Mr. Ozan Ulusoy is a 31-year-old business man with a genetic disorder, namely Down Syndrome. As inspiring as can be, his condition never prevented him from achieving his goals.

He says the key to his success is to be extrovert rather than introvert, as appreciated by the society. Turkey's 1st place holder entrepreneur, he has been running an advertising agency in Ankara now for almost 5 years. On World Down Syndrome Day, Ulusoy stated that he wanted to be an example for people like him.


In Turkey, there are approximately 70.000 individuals with Down Syndrome. This birth defect has symptoms, aside from slight physical changes in facial expressions, causes intellectual incapacity. It doesn't create a significant obstacle for integration into the society. Prejudice among the society toward this disorder also affects such people. It creates some obstacles in education, and that they usually cannot find an appropriate job.


Ulusoy stated that he was at 6th grade when he realized that he was different than other kids. It wasn't a problem for him, his parents were always very supportive of him and of his pursuit of education through a career. He started working as a salesman at a technical store. Once he learned concerning free loans for disabled youth by the state-run agency İŞKUR, he was determined to run his own business. The result is the Down Advertising Agency where he sells promotional souvenirs, mugs, frames and such alternative products. One year later, he won the businessman of the year award from a university in Ankara. Nowadays, he speaks out at university events where he tells his story and the way he succeeded in entrepreneurship as an individual with Down Syndrome. Ulusoy also adds that he is very pleased to be able to pass his expertise to others, to inspire individuals like him, and for those who want to build up their own businesses. 


He advises others with birth defect and their families to "socialize". "They should not be introverts, they ought to get out more and be self-confident and socialize," he explained.


His parents are very proud of him as an entrepreneur, social young man who helps others with his experience and making pace.

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