Luxurious Ottoman Horse Stable of The Beylerbeyi Palace Renovated

The restoration of the Stable Mansion at the Beylerbeyi Palace compound on the Asian shore of the Bosporus has been completed, and also the web site can presently open as a depository.

The Mansion – an expensive stable for horses belonging to the Sultan in the Ottoman era – was built at Beylerbeyi Palace upon the order of Sultan Abdülaziz. He was known for his love for the horses.

Restoration of the building started 8 years ago to address the damages to the building that have occurred in more than 150 years since its construction. The building is considered to be the most beautiful example of the era and reflects the horse culture of its time.

The stable is an example of neoclassical architecture brought together with Turkish culture. It consists of 20 wooden sections and a room with horse and animal motives on the ceiling. 

Vice chairman in charge of restoration at the National Palaces Administration, 
Mr. Ahmet Çapoğlu told Anadolu Agency that the restoration process was carried out with utmost care to preserve the original structure and that there has been no intervention in any way that would harm the original elements of the structure.

Last Updated: 3/29/2019 11:06:02 AM


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