The Paradise of Izmir: The City of Çeșme

When İzmir is mentioned what comes to mind are two things: Great opportunities for investment in Turkey and the city of Çeşme which is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey in terms of sun, sand, thermal health spas, culture and tourism. In this vacation town, where you find houses built in accordance with local architecture designs, it draws attention with its authentic atmosphere. It is a kind of heaven for those who love the sea and sun.

Çeşme weather is very pleasing for most of the year with long, hot summers and cool, damp winters. Rainfall is occasional in the summer and you probably won’t see any precipitation in July or August, which makes it a good location for buying a property for sale in Turkey. The best time to go to Çeşme is during the high season when temperatures are hot and the skies are almost cloudless.


The Best Beaches in Çeşme:

Ilıca Plajı: Ilıca Beach is a 2 kilometers stretch of white sand and turquoise water. Ilıca has become famous for its thermal springs as well.


Pırlanta Plajı: “Pırlanta Plajı” means “Diamond Beach”.  This beach always has plenty of waves and wind. Located approximately 10 kilometers from Çeşme city center.


Altınkum Plajı: “Altınkum Plajı” means “The Beach of Golden Sands”. It is easy to imagine how lovely the sand really is at this beautiful beach by its name. Located approximately 10 kilometers from Çeşme center.


Mavi Koy: Also known as “aquarium,” due to its crystal clear water.

Çeşme is also a great destination when you need a break from the beach:


1. Ancient City of Ephesus

The ruins of the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, or Efes, were discovered in the 1860’s and are now an open-air museum. Here you can see what life was like in the ancient city while walking down the marble tiled streets.


2. Orthodox Church of “Ayios Haralambos”

Although now not a church this huge building recently underwent complete renovation and now hosts art and handicraft exhibitions during the summer seasons.


3. Boat Trips

You should try a boat trip to one of the nearby islands, for example the Greek island of Chios. Another interesting island is “Eşek Adası”. it means “Donkey Island”. You can visit on one of these boat trips.


4. Aqua Toy City

A great place for kids and adults as well to enjoy its slides, huge water inflatables, a lazy river, water cannons and fountains.


Çeşme Marina

The marina was completely rebuilt in recent years, and is now hosting many top class restaurants, cafes, bars and designer boutiques.


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