Turkey's Biggest Mosque Complex Is Counts Down to Opening!

Çamlıca Mosque is about to open in a month. The with construction of the giant complex had begunthat began six years ago. Once completed, it'll be the largest mosque in Turkey according with the association that funded it.

On top of a hill on Istanbul's Asian side, six minarets silhouette the skyline. Underneath the shadow of those tall spires, lies Turkey's biggest mosque capable of hosting 60,000 worshipersbelievers at a time.

Çamlıca mosque, named after the hill it is located onit's settled in Üsküdar district, is about to open in March 2019.according to the association that funded its construction. An opening ceremony is to be organizedanticipated with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has heaped-up much praise on the mosque.

The foundation for the mosque was arranged in August 2013, as Muslims sought to add a brand new, spectacular example to the mosques aroundround the town, whereas at a similar time address the requirements of the Muslim community within the immediate reach section of its vicinity. the location. 

Designed as a successor instead of a rival to grand Ottoman-era mosques like the notable Blue Mosque, Çamlıca incorporates the old and new in its design with traces of decoration and building designs from the Ottoman era and also the pre-Ottoman Seljuk design. They are finished with trendy touches and additions that did not exist in the old mosques. The complex includes, from a large automobile parking space, a museum, and gallery to a workshop for artists, a library and a conference hall.

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