A Guide To Social Traditions In The Turkish Culture

Property investment in Turkey is rich with opportunities. So is Turkish traditions and culture. it’s impossible to summarize all of it in a single article. Let's try to highlight some common social Turkish traditions.


Turkish people are very hospitable. You will hear this phrase “-Türkiye'ye hoş geldiniz!” (Welcome to Turkey!) accompanied with a big smile frequently in Turkey. Especially if you are visiting the traditional Turkish restaurants, shops and bars.


Daily Greetings And Common Expressions

Turkish people love to empathize with each other as well as their guests. Numerous expressions apply to many daily or special events. If someone falls sick, the response is “-Geçmis Olsun!” meaning get well soon. When you enter into someplace you may hear the words; “-Hoş Geldiniz” (Welcome in!).  As you pass by a worker on the street it is nice to say “-Kolay gelsin” (Take it easy) and the list goes on...


Invitation To Local Houses

Turkish people might as well invite you to their houses as guests. This invitation might be over a quick question or a simple hello. You might find yourself invited in for for breakfast or supper. You better remove your shoes and leave them outside the door like locals do before you enter a Turkish home. Don`t be surprised if you are served a a pair of slippers to slip into while you are in.

Make Yourself Home!

If you are going around to catch a bite, make sure you have an empty stomach. Dishes after dishes will be served before and after the main course. Nuts, fruits, desserts will be followed by Turkish black tea and Turkish coffee. Remember it is considered rude to refuse to eat if you have received a polite invitation to in Turkish culture. It’s courteous to join and follow the ladies of the family into the kitchen if you are a lady yourself to help them prepare the meal and clean up afterwards.

It is not recommended to start eating, drinking tea or even start smoking without invitation of the owner of the house. Although Turkish people are very hospitable, staying up too late as a guest is not a good idea. It is true that Turkish people love playing music and having fun at every opportunity. Beware! The musics and the songs played can make you forget time.

Turkish houses are clearly divided into sections for guest and private areas. Try not to ask for a tour around the house.


Tea And National Drinks

Turkish people love to drink their world famous Turkish coffee. The national drink is Turkish Black tea, served in glasses shaped like a tulip. You may choose to sweeten your cup of Turkish tea with cubed sugar pieces served. In most villages and towns older Turkish men love to gather in tea houses where they drink tea and play games. The Tea gardens you might come across are for the families where you as a guest might feel better to relax.


Food and Breakfast

Culinary holds an important place in Turkish culture. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and classically includes white cheese, eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, and olives. Bread is the king! Turkish meals are always accompanied by bread. It is the main ingredient of the Turkish diet. Available in many stores across the country.

Social Gatherings

Turkish people love to celebrate and enjoy themselves. You will probably find yourself invited to a wedding or some social party by a Turkish person even if you have only known them for a couple of days. You may be introduced to the bride and the groom. it’s nice to buy small pieces of gold from a jewelry shop as gifts or present the couple with money.

We recommend that you to learn Turkish traditions well if you are planning to get Turkish Citizenship!


Last Updated: 4/5/2019 5:41:13 PM