The Safest Way For Investment In Turkey

It is commonly known that Turkey is the link between the east and west. Its strategic location has attracted various investors.

The Middle East, Russia, the African continent, and the European Union all have positive relationships with Turkish Republic

if you would like to make an investment in Turkey with a guaranteed high return; it becomes clear very quickly that investing in a property especially in the Istanbul real estate market is an excellent choice. Rental demand on properties in Istanbul hinterland and along the coast is booming. The potential profits have attracted investors, and many are now enjoying the benefits of extremely healthy returns. Real estate prices in Turkey are increasing by an average of 18% per year.


Long Term Profitable Investment

For those who are looking for a long-term investment in Turkey, the prices have potential to offer a profitable return on investment. Experts often recommend that the real estate market is the best long-term investment to make, plus, buyers in Turkey have added advantages over other countries, where property prices have already peaked.  Also, property investors in Turkey will benefit from new laws decreasing stamp duty and other united costs such as notary fees.  It is expected that these kind of measures will increase buying properties in Turkey.

In recent years, interest in buying property in Turkey has increased for foreign investors. In the last 2 years, property values have increased between 28% to 50%, as a medium to long term investment, property in Turkey is a very profitable option and returns on investment are attractive. Property investments in Turkey is extremely affordable for foreigners.


Strong Demand In Purchasing Properties By Foreigners

The complete number of houses sold in the Turkish property market extended to 1.4 million units in 2017; 22,234 houses were sold to foreigners in Turkey, marking a year-on-year increase of 22.2 percent. Regarding house sales to foreigners, Istanbul was the top-performing province with 8,182 sales in 2017, followed by Antalya with 4,707 sales, Bursa with 1,474 sales, and Yalova with 1,079 sales.

Turkey is one of the most hopeful real estate markets in Europe, thanks to its location. Strategically situated at the crossways of Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Turkey is a home to almost 81 million people, Turkey offers great opportunities for real estate developers and investors by combining a large construction sector with rising commercial and industrial output.

Last Updated: 3/9/2019 12:50:48 PM