The best holiday destinations near Istanbul

İstanbul is a beautiful city that words fail to explain. But as a city, with a population of more than 15 million people, it’s sometimes quite necessary to get away and enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet. Check out some of the best destinations for a weekend away from İstanbul.

It is possible to drive to those locations for weekends or one-day trips to have a peaceful and entertaining time. Also, you can find your ideal property for sale in Turkey in these areas.


Only about two hours away from Istanbul, the town Sapanca is famous for its natural landscapes and clean air, it is also a good destination for investment in Turkey. In summer, Sapanca Lake becomes very popular as the nearby cafes fill up with visitors. The nearby province of Maşukiye is a great place with amazing bungalows and legendary breakfasts, also you can eat fresh fish in one of the many local restaurants.



If you are into camping, then head to the Yedigöller National Park which gets its name from its seven small lakes that are all surrounded by lush oak, alder, pine and hazelnut tree forests. The park also has hot springs for swimming as well as plenty of hiking trails, and of course, you can always go fishing at one of the many lakes.



Another place to immerse yourself in calm village life, Şile is known for its beaches and its natural beauty. If you’re not into resorts with their own private beaches, you can wander the quiet streets of the village, especially Saklıgöl, a lake almost hidden in the mountains where you can have dinner on the pier of a restaurant.



Ağva is a very popular and a resort destination in the Şile district. It has many beautiful rivers. Stay at one of the lodges by the rivers, go fishing, take a boat tour, visit the beach and definitely eat some fresh seafood by the water.



Founded in 1846 by Polish settlers who escaped the invasion of Poland, the village of Polonezköy is another excellent weekend getaway within a nature park. Go hiking on one of the many trails, get to know traditional Polish culture during the annual summer festival and visit the historic sights.



A small village in the Beykoz district of Istanbul’s Asian side, Riva has a great view, where the Bosphorus meets the Black Sea. There are many excellent seafood restaurants. Also you can take a boat trip on the Riva River. The Riva Castle is also an important historic site.



Kıyıköy is a small Black sea village in Kırklareli. It is close to İstanbul. From the first moment it feels like another world, an antique door from Byzantium period meets you as an entrance to the village and shows an amazing nature and historical buildings. The location is named among its frequenters as “a part from heaven”.

Over all, both İstanbul and its near locations are unique spots for investment in Turkey with many charming and affordable property on sale.

Last Updated: 2/8/2019 3:29:47 PM