8 Things you should know about a Turkish wedding

Wedding is an important part of each culture. There are some differences between countries of the world.

Turkey has a unique culture as it has a unique lifestyle and unique opportunities to investment in turkey, so its weddings are the only one of its kind as well.

Turkish weddings lasting for a couple of days, they are really big organizations, with hundreds of invitation cards handed out to family and friends. Turkish people love to celebrate the good times and also invite people they have only just met, including foreigners travelling in the country.

1- Henna night (Kına Gecesi in Turkish)

It comes from the tradition of hennaing, which is believed to protect married couples from evil. Mostly it's a celebration for the bride and her friends. Both the bride and wedding guests have henna dyed in the palm of their hands. After preparing the bride, an ornamented red veil is placed over her head, and she is brought amidst the guests accompanied by folk songs. Hands and feet of the bride are decorated with henna. Despite Henna Night is a joyous occasion, but with a delicate touch of sorrow, and often features the bride crying as she realizes that she's leaving her family and one lifestyle and entering another. Singing, dancing, and party activities are essential for this special night.


2. Maidenhood Belt

A red ribbon tied around the bride’s waist (is a symbol of her virginity) by family of the bride (usually the father), wraps it three times before finally tying it. In the past, the absence of a maidenhood belt would result in local gossip, but in modern towns and cities, it depends on the bride’s choice whether she wants to wear it or not.


3-Opening the door

The doorway is sometimes locked or guarded by the bride’s younger brother or close relatives. Bribe is the only way to let the doors be opened and allow the bride to leave her parents’ home.  


4-The Car Convoy

The couple’s decorated car joins the convoy of guests to ride around the streets, while beeping their horns. On the way, children intercept the car to get money from the groom. After that, the couple continue their way to getting married and living happily ever after.


5-The Sole of Bride’s Shoes

The bride’s friends write their name on the sole of her shoes. It is believed that, whosever name rubs off by the end of the night, gets married in a near future.


6- Declaring Dominance

The bride and groom sign the wedding notebook and thus agree to the marriage on legal terms. At this point, the bride and the groom, both they try to step on each other’s foot. This is for symbolizing who will have the dominance in the relationship. More than anything it’s an enjoyable memory for them and their families.


7- Turkish Folkloric Dance (Halay)

“Halay” is the most common form of folk dance for weddings. It’s a cycle of the same melody that begins slow and speeds up, people holding each other’s hands or fingers and dancing together.


8- The Gold Coins

Traditionally, after cutting the cake, the bride and groom have placed ribbons around their necks. Then, guests congratulate them and put money, a gold coin or gold piece of jewelry on their ribbons.

Foreigners who are marrying with a Turkish citizen can get citizenship in Turkey as well after 3 years of marriage.

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