Is A Legal Advisor Needed When Buying A Property In Turkey?

When a real estate investor seeks to buy a property in his own country, he does not feel the need to use a legal advisor to perform all the legal formalities and paperwork needed to close the deal in a safe way. However, when an investor is seeking to make an overseas purchase, he will meet a completely different situation, because the government policies and taxation systems vary from one country to another and this situation may create some feeling of insecurity and incomprehensibility. Therefore, appointing a legal advisor to carry out the necessary legal procedures often comes with added benefits. 

The credibility of the project along with the crucial verifications are always made by our teams before listing any Project on our listing panels and suggesting it to our clients. However, at the final steps of the closing process, we perform additional procedures to make sure that our client’s investment is made in the safest way.

Turkish regulations and laws are formulated in a way that makes it easy for property buyers and sellers to deal with. In addition, real estate laws have significantly tightened up with robust credibility checks and processes to secure foreign investors against forgeries. But if hiring a legal advisor will make the buyer feel comfortable and confident during the purchasing process, then why not!
While Property Invest provides free and full legal support to all its clients the average rate of availing services from independent and verified Turkish solicitors may cost around $1,000.

What are the services provided by real estate legal advisors in Turkey?

•    Checking title deeds for debts and whether the property has crucial documentation in place. This includes building license permits or habitation certificates (ISKAN).
•    Arrange, draft, and complete notarization and signing of contracts that contain property buyers’ and sellers’ details. It comprises information about the property according to the land registrar and clauses that can be evoked in situations where the sale does not take place.
•    Converting the title to the buyer’s name and carry out the property purchase process at the local title deed authority on his behalf using a power of attorney. 
•    Obtaining all the necessary military approvals that are required (if applicable) for foreigners when purchasing real estate in Turkey. 
•    For investors who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship through a real estate purchase, legal advisors can drive in a stress-free way the citizenship procedures step-by-step. 

Last Updated: 12/28/2020 11:21:15 AM