Our After Sales Services

Our real estate services do not only end at displaying the property, conducting an effective negotiation process, and sign contracts… but it extends to a customer satisfying after-sales services.

We believe that the after-sales service journey should ideally begin the moment a customer books a property, Property Invest will support and accompany the buyer during his journey to solve all problems and overcome obstacles that may encounter him, and this is our way to build a loyal customer base!

Property Invest offers customers a full range of after-sales services through its Professional teams, without any additional fees.
Our team will support the customers stating by extracting the necessary tax number and opening a bank account for each foreigner intending to purchase a property in Turkey.

When our customers prefer to make the purchase of the property via an installment’s payment plan, will make sure to contact them before and after the payment to inform you of the last operation, in order to stay in touch and make sure that your money has reached the bank account of the real estate developer. We will provide payment receipts, project progress details, and even upcoming demand requirements.

We will send updated photos and videos of the project upon customer request during the construction process, and we will make sure that our customers can also contact us at any time for any question related to the purchased property.
For your passport translation notarization and registering the sales contract, you may need will require a visit to the Public Notary in Turkey and we will assist you during the process.
At the time of the delivery of the title deed, we will be happy to provide you with legal support and to pursue step by step to advise and prepare the required paperwork.
After the delivery Property Invest can help you to accommodate your property with furniture and appliances and sign for the other needed utilities.

Last Updated: 12/14/2020 1:36:03 PM