Why Prefer Us? The Property Invest

When customers contact us to buy properties in Turkey we give them a list of properties that meet their budgets and requirements.

When customers contact us to buy properties in Turkey we give them a list of properties that meet their budgets and requirements. Always we are adding new properties to our network and we are confident of having the right property that meets your needs. We organize viewing trips for you and show you around. We are always ready to answer all your questions about the area and location. The Property Invest will work with you in the most clear and professional manner.

The Property Invest is a professional company in Turkey specialized  in Real Estate Marketing, Consulting and Management for International Buyers.

We, market real estates from the most-qualified property developers in Turkey, we promise powerful, return on investment. We aim that our clients those who are interested in property investments in Turkey, will be ensured to successful investments.

Our Services

Turkey real estate market is very dynamic. There are so much properties to choose from and sometimes it takes time to find what you are looking for. If you look for property for sale in Turkey, you are not alone. We are with you in Turkey and Istanbul real estate market. With our professional guidance, you can get some great opportunities.

When you decide to buy real estate in Turkey, you mostly need full of detailed consultancy, because we know the hardship of foreign customer facing, before purchase, during, and after the purchase complete, we will be ready to help you with all the steps by providing a complete set of solutions.

As Property Invest, we will initially talk through your requirements and based on this, we will recommend a number of properties which suit your requirements  and arrange viewings. When you decide the property you want, we will help you to arrange payment of the deposit and help you with the sales contract process.

Purchasing a real estate in Istanbul is a simple process and once everything has been agreed, the process can be completed in an afternoon. Our professional team can help with all aspects of the buying procedure and all the legal documentation required.

We are at your service with our best portfolio and our professional consultants who understand your needs and prepare the best solutions tailored for you.

Our services provides perfect property investments and profitable returns. We have the intention to provide our customers the best possibilities to reach their targets in their investments.

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