New regulation of citizenship in Turkey

Regulation of the application of the law of citizenship in Turkey Regulation was updated in 09.2018.

Regulation of the application of the law of citizenship in Turkey Regulation was updated in 09.2018. About that issue dated 19.09.2018 in Official Gazette with decision number 106. (you can click the link to see the related article:


Foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship in 2 ways. Turkish citizenship obtained by paternity or  birth place. Also marriage option is available.


Turkish citizenship by paternity

Extramarital or Marital child who was born in or outside Turkey from a Turkish citizen father or mother, is a Turkish citizen.


Place of birth

The child born in Turkey but cannot obtain citizenship of any country by birth depending on the foreign father or mother and the found child whose parents can’t be identified is a Turkish citizen as of birth.


Obtaining Citizenship in Turkey by a Competent Authority’s Decision

Any adult foreigner who stayed in Turkey for uninterrupted five  years and who has the ability to separate can apply for Turkish Citizenship with the decision of a Competent Authority provided that she/he confirms that she/he has decided to settle in Turkey with her/his behaviours, doesn’t have a disease which may pose a danger to the public health, is able to speak Turkish efficiently, has the income or job to make a living for herself/himself and any dependent people and doesn’t constitute a drawback in terms of National Security and public order.


Turkish citizenship by investment in Turkey


A foreigner who obtain any of the following conditions may obtain citizenship in Turkey with the offer of the Ministry and the decision of the Council of Ministers within the content of paragraph (b) of the 1. paragraph of Article 12 of the Law:


Getting minimum 250,000 USD immovable property in Turkey and an annotation that the real estate shall not be transferred must be registered on the title deed, which is determined by the Ministry of Environment and Municipality;


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