Istanbul Real Estates Market in Bosphorus District

The scenic Bosphorus runs through the heart of Istanbul, connecting  Europe and Asia.

The scenic Bosphorus runs through the heart of Istanbul, connecting  Europe and Asia. Politically, geographically and historically significant, it also happens to be the most in-demand locale for luxury living in Turkey’s most populated city. And the Bosphorus zone is lined with multi-million lira estates and mansions

The Bosphorus not only separates a city, but a continent, too, dividing east from west; Europe from Asia. It’s a significant shipping route, a commuter travel route, and an enduring point of interest for visitors and locals, some of whom fall in love and begin the search for sea view Bosphorus property.

The Bosphorus waterway flows between the Black Sea on the northern, Marmara Sea on the southern, and Asia on the east and the continent of Europe to the west.

Elite life on the Bosphorus

These days, the famous strait is a sedate place. Each side is lined with, orchards, parks and points of interest, and at the weekends throngs of locals and visitors stroll and cycle along the leafy streets, gazing at the wooden mansions and out at the vessels bobbing on the sea.

As well as hosting an enormous number of traditional seafood restaurants, the strait has mobile eateries that traverse the waters, docking sometimes to serve up seafood treats. Seaside mansions along this major strait are a grave investment.  Prices up to 100 million USD for seaside real estates.

Many hundreds of nice Ottoman mansions once covered the waterfront, but fire claimed a great deal, now there are just over 600. Now, many have been converted into restaurants or hotels, or snapped up and restored to former glory by wealthy owners. Some are abandoned to ghosts and dust. Some of them are for sale. Bosphorus real estate for sale isn't surprisingly some of the most expensive and glamourous in the country.

The summer houses of the rich and famous during the Ottoman era, each mansion was usually  built according to the characteristics of its unique location, and each had its own finely worked wooden detail. Some date back to the 18. century, and the last ones were built in the early 19. century. The oldest surviving mansion is the Amcazade Koprulu Huseyin Pasha, that was built in 1699 in Beykoz. The oldest on the European side is the Serifler Mansion, in Sariyer, while the most expensive is Erbilgin Mansion, in Yenikoy. A few years ago, Erbilgin Mansion was sold for at 100 million Euros, making it the 5. most expensive home in the world.

Not only mansions, when you look at the other properties in that district,  you see Istanbul real estates are very expensive in Bosphorus area.

Historic and elegant, the Bosphorus has long been the the most attractive residential area. Tight building codes ban new construction along the shoreline, which safeguards the natural beauty and spectacular, water view that make this area so unique.

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