What is a Good Real Estate Investment in Turkey?

The Construction and Real Estate market are the most important sectors that keep the Turkish economy up and running.

Rapid population growth and renovation projects are among the main reasons that keep the real estate sector growing. Therefore the construction and real estate sector is still very interesting and profitable for investors for another while.


Contrary to popular belief only 6% of the real estate sales since September 2017 are from foreign buyers, the rest of the sales are made by locals who are known for being big fans of real estate investment.


Foreign investors that invest in the real estate investment in Turkey will not achieve its goals unless its investing process is thoughtful and continuous. However, this process is simple, and can be summarized in several points like finding the right property, financing or buying a property, the right property management…


A property in the city center, close to public transport, train stations, schools, and universities, as well as a large living area, spacious rooms, and stunning views will undoubtedly be desirable for anyone looking for rental accommodation. At the same time, the monthly rent will be higher, compared to other apartments in other areas,

İn this case, you can make profits from buying and managing process, but not too profitable for a buy to sell process. There is certainly a relationship between the location of the property you want to buy and the segment that will accept the rental. For example, Studio will be required to rent from the student segment, especially if it is in the city center, and a large property will be required to rent from families .. Etc. It is known that successful investment in the field of leasing depends mainly on the location of the shop and apartment or any type of real estate in Turkey. Furthermore, the population of the region and the nature of its inhabitants sometimes play a role in the value of the monthly rent allowance.


Hospitals, schools, malls, and public transport should be considered when buying a property to make a profitable investment because they will play a role in determining the value of monthly rent, and the turnout.


Finally, in Turkey the investor may find many offers to buy by installments without interest, when you make real estate investments in Turkey for the first time, it is necessary that the number of properties you buy according to your capabilities and your budget.


Last Updated: 10/26/2020 10:29:25 AM