Reasons to Invest in Turkish Real Estate

1-Citizenship by Investment: A big boost to the property market came when the Turkish government dropped the minimum entry-level of their citizenship by investment program from 1 million USD to 250,000 USD. This makes it one of the cheapest golden passport schemes in the world and alongside a simplified application process, also the easiest.

2- Long Term Capital Appreciation: Anyone looking at flipping houses for a quick profit would not fare well in this current market, however a long-term investment of ten years or more presents ideal appreciation since Turkey’s modernized housing market is keeping growing every day.

3- Low Purchasing Costs: While the property buying process in other countries involves massive purchase costs and taxes, Turkey offers the opposite. Combine this with an easy process that takes 3 to 5 days to complete, and you have a stress-free entrance into the market.

4- Attractive Portfolio: The stark difference from Turkey’s real estate market 20 years ago to the present-day is clear in the vast abundance of modern apartments, villas, and commercial buildings for sale.

5- The Turkish government also invested billions in upgrading infrastructure and roads to boost the economy and the market, also the Turkish government is also issuing many new laws to protect foreign investors and provide an excellent and safe environment for their investments

6- Buyer’s market: the Turkish real estate market is a buyer’s market where you can find what you are looking for within your budget.

Last Updated: 9/14/2020 1:12:06 PM