The opening of the medical city of Basaksehir

The medical city of Basaksehir will increase the health infrastructure of Turkey, through a large number of beds and technological devices.


The medical city of Basaksehir is the largest hospital in Europe in terms of the capacity of the intensive care units, consisting of 426 beds.


Turkey provided the medical city with the latest types of medical devices, it has 7 tomography devices, 7 magnetic resonance imaging, and 24 ultrasonography, and will use the medical city for the time being to care for people during the epidemic.


The closed area of ​​the medical city amounts to one million and 21 square meters and was built on an area of ​​789 thousand square meters, equipped with a garage with a capacity of 8,134 cars, as well as the use of 2068 earthquake insulators in the construction of the Medical City building.

The Medical City has 725 clinics, with a capacity of 2,682 beds, which can be converted into intensive care units if needed. In addition to 90 operating rooms and 16 patient escort units, with the monitoring of the security conditions of the Medical City through 3 thousand and 466 cameras with night vision, and an emergency department with a capacity of 60 beds.

The medical city is able to produce "immune plasma" for Corona patients, a mechanism that relies on taking a blood sample from a previous patient who has been cured of the virus.

Last Updated: 6/20/2020 10:23:36 PM