Real Estate Investment In Bursa Turkey

Bursa is the first capital of the Greater Ottoman Empire and the fourth largest city in Turkey in terms of population density.

Bursa is the first capital of the Greater Ottoman Empire and the fourth largest city in Turkey in terms of population density. The city has been growing and flourishing over its long history since 4000 B.C. It has become a capital of various civilizations and religions, characterized by its rich cultural heritage, its ancient archaeological features, its natural beauty and its growing economy. All factors contributed strongly to the rise of the city and prosperity and gain the attention of tourists and real estate investors from several different countries. The city is located in Turkey between the cities of Ankara and Istanbul, at the foot of Uludağ Mountain in the south of Marmara province northwest Turkey, bordered by the Sea of ​​Marmara and the city of Yalova in the north. Bursa has a subtropical climate that is hot and humid in summer, cold and snowy in winter.

Life in Bursa is quiet between the Sea of ​​Marmara and the high mountain of Uludağ, and its wonderful natural landscapes that comfort the population and inspire the visitors to see its green nature especially in the spring, so it was called in the Turkish language by “Yeşil Bursa” which means “Green Bursa”. It is also known by Uludağ University, where students from all Turkish cities come. Bursa also offers good employment opportunities through the presence of a big number of large industrial companies for international car and beverage brands. Between nature and modern life, Bursa is easy to navigate, especially as the airport “Yenişehir” is located 20 minutes from the city center and there are daily ferries to travel to Istanbul in just an hour and a half. All these advantages have made Arabs and foreigners interested in buying house in Bursa after Istanbul.

The number of tourists in Bursa is growing every year for being one of the best ski destinations on the famous mountain of Uludağ, which is 2,543 meters high where you can enjoy the spectacular views of nature seen under the white cover of snow in winter and green in spring and summer. In addition to many of the historical  ancient monuments that adorn the city, its markets, gardens and waterfall … between the beauty of nature and deep history vary the activities that can be done in the city. According to a speech from the governor of Bursa, tourists visited the city only in summer, but now they are coming all year long.

The number of tourists in Bursa is increasing year by year, as a result the demand for foreigners to own and buy home in Bursa is increasing, and enhancing the growth of real estate investment. The city is one of the most important exporting points in the country for a growing number of products, in addition to its infrastructure, technological background and its central position in terms of trade and industry in the region, facilitating the entry of its products into the crisis markets, Europe, the Arab countries and the former Soviet republics. Also the industries created by the private sector has accelerated and improved the economy of the region. Bursa is known for manufacturing in various fields such as textiles, automotive, metal-machines, agriculture, food and furniture, which are the most important and valuable industries.

While these areas are growing, construction and real estate developers are establishing residential and commercial projects in Bursa. The Arabs are leading the list of foreign investors in the real estate sector in Bursa. The city includes many villas, residential complexes and tourist hotels, thus providing good opportunities for real estate investment and buying property in Bursa, especially since it is close to Istanbul, which contributed to the desire to buy apartments in Bursahouses and villas with mountain views surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

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