Learn about important attractions of the Zeytinburnu region

Zeytinburnu neighborhood is within the city center of Istanbul, it is located only 15 minutes from Taksim Square and 20 minutes from Besiktas, and only 20 minutes away from Ataturk Airport.

Zeytinburnu is an important transportation hub where you can reach all transportation lines in the city (Metrobus- subway - tramway - Ferries - public transport buses)

The region is located directly on the Marmara Sea coast, which gives it a distinctive character.

It includes many government and service facilities that help to meet needs and conduct transactions.

There are many options for apartments and complexes at prices that suit different categories and segments.

Ad we don’t forget its prime location near one of the main roads in Istanbul is the E5 line. The presence of many shopping centers and services in them. And its proximity to the seaport of Bakırkoy.

Last Updated: 4/26/2020 9:43:33 PM