The glass balcony in Kastamonu attracts visitors with its picturesque beauty

The glass balcony in the Turkish state of Kastamonu provides its visitors with an opportunity to see the beauty of nature decorated with colors throughout the seasons, especially for adventure lovers. It is also considered that the glass balcony is one of the most important investments in the region and one of the most important tourist destinations.


Where the 450-meter-high glass balcony in the Taçtak Kanyono district of Azdavai is witnessing a continuous increase in the number of visitors due to the preparation of the road for the passage of cars.

Local and foreign tourists coming to the balcony enjoy taking pictures and watching celebrations.


On the other hand, some visitors are concerned about going up to the glass balcony because of its high altitude.

The glass balcony knows a rise in the number of visitors each year. And it was necessary to make improvements to the infrastructure in order to facilitate visiting the place and enjoying the beauty of nature and showing it, which made the glass terrace one of the most important centers of attraction in the region.

Last Updated: 3/8/2020 1:32:35 AM