Istanbul’s Emotional Map

The Mental Health Association, a Turkish-based non-governmental organization has found that the Maiden Tower is the most romantic place in Istanbul. Turkey’s largest city.

The association examined the location-based emotions of users through an application named “checkFeel”, by mapping what its users felt about certain locations in Istanbul. Emotions were shared in nearly 150,000 places on the application that reached nearly 10,000 users.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque, which is one of the most important sacred places in the city, standed out as the most peaceful place in Istanbul.

Metrobus, which are used daily by about 800,000 people and provide fast travel from one end of Istanbul to the other, was selected as the most overwhelming place in Istanbul.

The historical Grand Bazaar, which is the oldest and largest shopping centre in the World with 3,600 shops, fascinates its visitors with its 560 years of history and its buzzy atmosphere.

The Istiklal avenue, at the heart of the city, is seen as the most cheerful place,

The most spacious place of the city is Çamlıca Hill and the most loyal is the blue Mosque.

The saddest place is the Karacaahmet Cemetery, and the stadiums are the places where the most complex feelings are experienced.

Last Updated: 3/6/2020 8:50:54 AM