The Safest Way To Sell A Property In Turkey

If you are a property owner who has a holiday house, or an expat living in the country permanently, there might come a day when you consider selling, you will want to know how to sell your house in Turkey in a safe way, quickly and for the money you want.

How to Sell Your House in Turkey?

1- Get paperwork in order

Before trying to sell your property in Turkey make sure you have all the legal paperwork in order. Collect together the Title Deeds (Tapu), Habitation certificate (Iskan), any insurance certificates like the DASK (earthquake insurance).


2- Be realistic

many people try to sell their homes with unrealistic expectations, Of course, we all want to get as much money as possible for our property. Get a realistic valuation from a recognized agent. Good agents should know the local market and the price of similar properties.


3-Fix any necessary jobs

sometimes buyers walk into a property looking for reasons not to buy it or for excuses they can use to deserve a reduction in price. You need to show your property in its best form to make it remembered for all the right reasons.


4- Take professional photos

Take clear photos of the front of your home, the garden, all rooms, and other features will attract a buyer. Photos are important, they need to be good. If you're not convenient with the camera, invest in professional shots or ask your agent for help.


5- Establish unique selling points

If you have a property for sale in Turkey on a complex, or your apartment is one of many similar apartments for sale in Istanbul, what makes it different? Has your pool recently had a new pump or your bathroom had renovation? Are you including the furnishings? If so, these are all great selling points so do point them out to your agent as they view the property.


6- Use a good agent

Many assume that simply snapping a few photos or popping a description on a website will sell their home, but there's a little more to it than that. Just employ a good agent that can price your property competitively and market it to the right people, you should see results.

Many people believe registering a property with all the local agents will achieve a quicker sale, this is not necessary.  One single established agent with a strong internet presence will do its best to sell it!

Last Updated: 6/29/2019 10:24:24 AM