Must-see Nature Parks In Istanbul

While Istanbul is a stunning cosmopolitan city full of museums, shopping and historical sites, and great opportunities for investment in turkey it also blessed with many spots of natural beauty, where people can escape from their urban routine for a while.

Here, you can find the most visited and the most beautiful parks:


1- Belgrad Forest

Belgrad is a forest in every sense of the word, it’s the best place to chill out among trees. Located around 15 kilometers outside the city, there are buses that take off from Taksim in case you don’t have a car. There are running trails, picnic areas, and an arboretum that are all open to the public. the huge park has more than 2,000 exotic and native plant varieties.


2- Yıldız Park

Yildiz Park one of the city’s biggest and most beautiful parks located in Besiktas. it is a Former forest, then converted into private hunting area for the Ottoman Sultans in the late 18th century. It became a park During the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II when he decided to move from Dolmabahçe to the Yıldız Palace.

The park has a variety of beautiful pools and waterfalls with beautiful gardens and trees. Some of the trees are almost 400 years old.


3- Gulhane Park

Gulhane Park is the oldest park in Istanbul, this park was a part of the Topkapi Palace grounds. Located in between the Sirkeci and Sultanahmet neighborhood. Entrance is free of charge. The park also is home to the Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam.

During the Byzantium era, Gulhane Park was home to some military warehouses. during the Ottomans age, the park was a celebration and ceremony place as well.

Gulhane Park was opened to the public in 1912. Gulhane” means “home of the rose” in Turkish.

Nowadays, Gulhane Park is a popular park for both tourist and locals. The park covers a huge area. There are a variety of attractive gardens, trees, pools and outdoor cafes with the inspiring view of the Bosphorus. It’s recommended to Check out it!


4- Emirgan Park

One of the largest and best parks in Istanbul, with 117 acres of land watching the Bosphorus. you can imagine how lovely this park really is, with its flora and fauna, public pavilions, and playgrounds. Be sure to drop by in spring when the park celebrates the Tulip Festival full colorful blossom.

the Emirgan Park is located in Emirgan neighborhood and covers an area of 325,000 square meters.


5- Maçka Park

This little park in Maçka neighborhood in Nişantaşı, where you’ll find all the cool locals strolling, or walking their dogs. Their tracks are ideal for a run with plenty of trees, while the dog park at the entrance is a favorite for dog owners. Across a small bridge, you can take on the hilly section of the park, and in the summer, you’ll see a lot of people lying on the grass and enjoying the sunshine.

Last Updated: 6/24/2019 10:45:33 AM