Delicious Turkish Desserts That You Must Try

Turkish desserts are well-known around the world, it’s a popular part of Turkish cuisine. In Turkey desserts are meant to be shared; Whether they are taken after a meal or enjoyed along with a cup of tea or Turkish coffee.

There is a vast range of desserts in Turkey, from milk desserts to fried sweet rolls and fruit or nut desserts. This variety in desserts comes from cultural diversity in Turkey.

Here are some delicious Turkish desserts you definitely need to try out if you will be there to look for property for sale in Turkey:


1- Baklava

You have to start with the popular, Turkey may be synonymous with baklava! This is by far the most famous Turkish dessert. Its roots date back to the Byzantine Empire, although its shape and current recipe were developed during the Ottoman Empire.

This dessert is layered thin and flaky dough, stacked with butter and honey syrup. It is usually cut into squares or triangle shape. There are many Turkish varieties of this popular dessert, prepared by stuffing pistachios, nuts, or more rarely almonds or hazelnuts between layers of its sheets. We strongly recommend you to eat it fresh!


2- Güllaç

The Güllaç is an Ottoman dessert that is eaten especially during the month of Ramadan. it is mentioned that it’s firstly cooked in the banquet celebrating the circumcision of the son of Sultan Suleiman in 1539.

the güllaç which comes from “Güllü-aş” or “rose meal” has a unique texture with ingredients such as rose water, walnut, pomegranate, and milk. To prepare güllaç you must soak very thin sheets of dough in some sweet milk, then once well softened, cover them in a plate. Every two or three sheets of dough you sprinkle the preparation of hazelnuts, pistachios,  and coconut powder. Then the dish is covered with the sweet milk.


3- Trileçe

it’s the big trend in Istanbul, From the great Bosphorus palaces to small traditional restaurants, everyone is serving trileç is a soft cake made from three different kinds of milk (cow’s milk, sheep and buffalo milk) with caramel on top.


4- Kunefe

This is a traditional Turkish pastry made of angel hair, Turkish cheese and butter that is soaked in a sweet syrup. It is meant to be eaten hot and can be enjoyed with a cup of tea. Kunefe has a crisp outside and is soft and melty inside. It is served at some places with cream or ice cream.

kunefe is composed of two layers of crunch shredded pastry with a thick layer of sweet melted stretchy cheese in between and soaked with sugar syrup topped with pistachio, yummy!

5- Muhallebi

Turkey’s most popular milk dessert. The Muhallebi is a milk-based pudding, rice flour, and mastic. It is a thick cream that is usually flavored with rose, saffron or cinnamon. It is a perfect refreshing dessert during summer, with pistachios often added on top or maraş ice cream as well.

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