Pamukkale Enjoy The Exceptional View

Pamukkale which literally mean (Cotton Castle) is Located in “Denizli” and known as the "white paradise". It is one of the most splendid wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a new destination for investment in Turkey and among the most popular tourist attractions, with over two million visitors annually.

What makes it so special is that these thermal pools date back to the Roman era. On first look, they appear as surreal sheets of ice which actually are clear pools and travertines formed as a result of underground volcanic activity.

Top Things To Do In Pamukkale:


1- Travertines

It is rated as one of a UNESCO World Heritage site. This powder-white mountain above the village provides a conflicting view to the clear blue sky and green plains village. With its warm water running over this calcite surface, you can go into these thermal pools terraces barefoot and travel your way down to the village. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Carry a swimsuit or extra suit and towel if you want to enjoy thermal pools.

Use non-smooth shoes for Travertine

be prepared to get direct sunlight and apply plenty of sunblock.

2- Roman Theatre

This theatre is capable of seating more than 12,000 spectators. You can still view the stage and the decorative panel which has been built in the front row. 

3- Karahayit Hot Springs

There are small springs there where you can soak and soothe your muscles, these springs bubble up to 55°C. This place is famous for its therapeutic benefits. It is 5 km west of Pamukkale.

4- Cleopatra’s pool

this was one of the favorite pool of Cleopatra, the former queen of Egypt. It is full of clean and sparkling warm water, and contains work of art from the Roman Empire.

4 - Kayaş

This central place is known for its beer and class Turkish food. You can enjoy long bars and restaurants. It is famous for Sigara böreği (deep-fried, cigar-shaped börek – filled pastry – filled with cheese) and güveç (meat and vegetable stew).


5- Paragliding

The best view of Pamukkale is from the top. To have fun and enjoy the perfect view try paragliding. This is one of the amazing experiences which you should definitely try when going on a trip to Pamukkale.


6- Hot-Air-Balloon Ride

Although not as famous as Cappadocia, however, it does provide a wonderful experience. You get to fly near the travertines and you can take pictures from angles that you can’t get without balloon ride.

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