Buying A Property Izmir

Izmir, Turkey's third largest city, and probably the nearest city you can get to with a Western vibe. Many have related it to Paris or Madrid for its cosmopolitan.

With many new developments and infrastructure projects completed or underway, great cultural, art and live events across the city, its proximity to some of the best historical attractions in the world.
Izmir, the second largest commercial center of Turkey, offers the investors a wide range of production opportunities combines rich natural resources with quality life standards and promises economic and social advantage.
It has a large port the second after Istanbul port with a high capacity of international ships. The climate in Izmir is very suitable for everyone.
Having your own home in Izmir will give you the opportunity to have a real estate residency and get citizenship in Turkey soon after. 

New Developments
The city opened a metro line running from” Karşıyaka” around the Bay of Izmir in April 2017, and a second metro line, 12.9km long, from the “Konak” side in 2018.
Turkey's government has also proposed a unique underwater tunnel and bridge, called the Izmir Gulf Package, to establish a ring around the city to help reduce the traffic. 

Art, Culture
With the artistic atmosphere of London and the cultural experiences of Athens, Izmir is an amazing city. Whether it's browsing the “Arkas” Art Centre in the former French Consulate or enjoying dance and music performances in” Alsancak”, you'll be spoiled for choice.

So Why Buy In Izmir?
With a 22 percent increase in foreign property sales in Turkey in 2017, Izmir really is the best place that deserves high interest from foreign investors due to its westernized attitudes and vibrant city life. In fact, it is probably the perfect city by the sea if you are thinking to buy a property for sale in Turkey by the seaside.

Last Updated: 5/10/2019 11:50:23 AM