4 Tips To Increase Your Real Estate Profits

Real estate investment in Turkey is an enormous business, the property investment that you start should return to you.

There are many ways to improve your business, but it is very important to understand the local market and where you are in this cycle.

1- Rental Return
Buying an expensive house does not guarantee that its rental income will be high. If you are going to start a renting investment, you have to calculate by considering the “rental multiplier”. For example, suppose you buy a house for 400,000 TL, you have to get at least an annual rental income of 20,000 TL. The time to recollect the investment capital must not be more than 20 years.
2- Does The Big Space Mean A Big Investment?
The bigger the house is, the better the investment, it’s wrong! The invested Property’s space is very important, buying a small and medium-sized properties for sale in Turkey is better for investment, where the price of small and medium-sized properties is cheaper than the big properties on the other hand, the ability to achieve profits in this size of properties is greater than the properties of big sizes.
For example, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 houses are very expensive when you purchase but are not very effective on the rental return. if you find 2 suitable 1 + 1 houses at 4 + 1 price, of course, the rent of two provide a higher return than 4 + 1, so you don't need to buy a big house for investment!
Also, we want to remind you that small and medium-sized properties selling is much easier than large property.

When starting a real estate investment in Turkey, the most important thing to pay attention to is the location of the property. it is better if you would purchase property in new areas that are still experiencing growth and development This is because real estate prices in completed areas have reached almost its peak, while the price of real estate in areas that are still in development has not reached the peak yet. So you can buy a house at a cheap price in these regions and within a year or two, this area will be  increased in growth. Therefore, you would have achieved great revenue when it sells.
Another important point is the location of the property. The investor wants to purchase  close to a hospital or a school or university or a court or the central area or a vital region. The more the real estate can achieve higher the profits in a shorter time

4- Transportations:
Transportation, especially public transports like the metro, the tramway, and the Metrobus is one of the important things that define the value of the real estate in Istanbul. Having more means of transportations in the invested region increases the value of this region, as well as the proximity of the property from the point of transportation, increases its value.

Last Updated: 6/18/2019 11:39:55 AM