Palestinian Journalist Wins Initial Prize at City Picture Awards 2019

Agence France Presse (AFP) journalist Ahmad Gharabli's distinct picture of a Palestinian lady and Israeli security officer photographing each other was chosen picture of the Year 2019 by the City Picture Awards, organized by Anadolu Agency.

In the Single News class, 40-year-old Palestinian Gharabli's image shot in the capital of Israel got the highest prize within the contest, organized in Istanbul, Turkey's art and cultural capital.


The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and Turkish Airlines sponsored the international news picture contest, in which a jury of international consultants picked the winners of all available classes on April 19-23.


Mainly specializing on news and sports photos, the competition has four categories: Single News, Story News, Single Sports, and Story Sports.


Deborah Copaken, author/photojournalist joined the jury for the first time this year as a chariwoman of American descent.


"The addition of these phones make it kind of a universal statement about where we are in news gathering today," Copaken said.


"It is also a very good picture and it is a picture that has not been seen too much," said Marion Mertens, digital editor-in-chief of Paris Match, providing another of the jury members.


On this year's high prize-winning picture, Russian jury member Yuri Kozyrev from Russia, a journalist with Dutch-based NOOR Agency: "It is a powerful example of how narrative war has become more important than physical war due to the new technology."


'Fascinating view'


Second prize within the Single News class was awarded to Spanish-based Daniel Ochoa de Olza, 41, a documentary photographer for the Associated Press.


Olza's picture shows a gaggle of migrants jumping the U.S.-Mexico border in the dark.


"It's a very fascinating view of what happens to the migrants when they come across the border," Copaken exclaimed.


Elyxandro Cegarra, a freelancer, 41, got third prize within the same class with his picture shot throughout the Yellow Vest protests facing rising fuel taxes in Paris.


"The image we chose was of a woman on her knees, kind of crying out, she wasn't even wearing a Yellow Vest. And in that image, you understand the impetus of this entire movement," Copaken exclaimed.


Praising the second and third photos chosen by the jury, Mertens said: "Story is strong. Image and composition are strong. I think we had some high-quality photojournalism. We're happy about it."


In the Story News class, a series by Mexican journalist Guillermo Arias, 44, a daily contributor to Agence France Presse (AFP), got the highest prize.


The series shows the precarious journey of thousands of Central American migrants on the way to the U.S.


Forty-year-old Getty pictures lensman Chris McGrath's series taken within the wake of the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi diplomatic building in Istanbul got second prize within the same class.


Third prize winner within the Story News class visited Indonesian-based freelancer Ulet Ifansasti for his photos showing the after effects of the 2018 Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami.


Sports class


In the Single Sports class, German journalist Matzke Stefan, 56, got initial prize for his picture showing massive wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner of German descent experiencing a wipe-out on the famed Cidade de Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal.


U.S American freelancer Terrell Groggins, 37, got second prize within the same class and Reuters photographer Lenoir Francois, 46, from Belgian descent, got third.


In the Story Sports class, the highest prize was awarded Iranian freelancer Forough Alaei, 30, with her photos telling the story of a 22-year-old woman who disguised herself as a male to enter soccer stadiums.


Getty Images journalist Ezra Shaw, 45, got second prize within the same class and Belgian freelancer Alain Schroeder, 64, got third.


The winner of the picture of the Year are going to be awarded $8,000, whereas winners in alternative classes are going to be given $5,000 for initial prize, $3,000 for second prize, and $1,500 for third.


The winning photos are going to be compiled in an annual book and can be shown at exhibits in Turkey and internationally throughout the year.


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